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5G mobile internet deployed in Brussels from September

13:34 19/07/2023

High-speed 5G mobile internet technology will be deployed in Brussels from September, L'Echo and De Tijd newspapers have reported.

Belgium has suffered from a slower 5G rollout than many other EU countries but the all-clear from regulators now clears the path for distribution throughout the Brussels region.

It is hoped the move will bring high-speed 5G network connections to smartphone users in most, if not all, parts of Brussels.

After more than six months of legislative deliberations, telecoms operators will be particularly cheered that they will finally soon be able to transmit in 5G.

The news was also welcomed by Aurélie Czekalski, MR parliamentarian for the Brussels region, who has closely followed the issue.

Various operators, such as Orange, Telenet-Base and Proximus will now be able to apply to Brussels Environment for permits for the operation of 5G antennas. The city authorities then have up to eight weeks to respond.

If approved, all that remains are technical adaptations of antennas, already used for the 4G network. The upgrade can be completed within days meaning the first 5G antennas in Brussels should become “live” in September.

Deployment will take place gradually, starting with the most densely populated areas of the city.

Tech expert Sheras Fernandes said: "While other regions in the country have already embraced the advancements of 5G technology, Brussels had been lagging due to regulatory challenges.

"The deployment of 5G antennas is expected to revolutionise the digital landscape in Brussels. With the implementation of 5G, users can experience faster and more reliable internet connections, enabling a wide range of new applications and services that were previously not possible with slower networks.”

Activation of 5G, he notes, is expected to enhance various sectors, including telecommunications, healthcare, transportation and education, among others.

Written by Martin Banks



The courts in Brussels had decided some years ago against the roll-out of 5G tech until the companies involved have proven that it is safe.

5G frequencies safety has never been demonstrated to us by anyone.

Why is this information kept so diligently away from the public eye?

If this actually goes trough i.m sure we are in for great problems.

Oct 6, 2023 13:15