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Air quality check providers


I am interested in having a check on the air quality in the current house that I am renting.
The house is a 1960's house heated with Mazout and a very old water tank (probably 40's or 50's).  Since a  couple of months my husband and I have started perceiving a strange smell which we think it is the mazout used for heating the water tank.
My concern is that I have a toddler and a 6 month old baby and we are in the house all day so I want to make sure that the smell we are perceiving is not harmful to the babies.
Does anyone now of a company that tests the air quality including asbestos, CO2 and other gases?  How much does it cost? Under Belgian law it is the renter or the rentee suppossed to pay for this service?



Hi Nico, it is you as the person renting the property that is responsible for the maintenance of the boiler etc. However, if after inspection the equipment has to be replaced then it is the proprietor that is responsible.


If you search ‘boiler’ in search box of Q&A there are plenty of recommended companies



Nov 10, 2011 14:28