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Apartment financing outside Belgium


Anyone have experience with getting a mortgage for an apartment outside of Belgium? We're trying to buy a small apartment in the Netherlands, but live full-time here. Having trouble finding someone who accepts to mortgage a property outside Belgium, and on the NL side they only want clients from within NL.

For those who have done this, any good addresses for us? The amount is small (150k).



You should try the brokers who may have better ideas and options than a "standard" bank lender. is one that is often mentioned on this site, but there are plenty of others out there as well.

However, typically cross border lending on residential property is problematic. Mainly due to the fact that it would be difficult for a Belgian bank to repossess a Dutch property in the event that you default. If you already have a mortgage in Belgium, then your bank could give you a second loan secured on your belgian property.

Dec 16, 2011 10:13