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It seems that good weather (no rain) is announced for Saturday and would like to take my toddler and 2 dogs on a day out at the seaside on the Dutch side of the border close to Antwerp. Any suggestions on where I can bring along the dogs onto the sand (and rent some chairs and parasol)?

From the archives

Sounds like a great plan! We regularly take our kids and dogs to Cadzand in Zeeland (just across the belgian border). Dogs are allowed on the beach there. Our favorite place for a drink/lunch is called "strandpalvijoen De Piraat". Its a little restaurant with terrace right on the beach, you will see signs from the street. They also have a small playground on the beach and plenty of bowl with fresh water for the dogs. There are no beach chairs though. But on the other hand you get a large beach which isn't too crowded. Have a great day.

Aug 20, 2011 15:46