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Belgian mortgage with GBP income


Probably already raised some time ago, but given regulation change wanted to check here: I'm living and working in the UK but have strong family ties to Belgium and spent much private time here, which leads me to wanting to buy as property here.
Is is currently possible to obtain a EUR mortgage for a Belgium property from a Belgian bank / broker?
I tried but failed despite having own funds, asset guarantees and a low LTV ratio. It all hinged on my income not being EUR.

Many thanks for sharing any recent experiences


Unless you're resident here in belgium with a Belgian sourced income it will be virtually impossible to get a mortage in Belgium. You might try some of the mortgage brokers, such as

If you have a property in the U.K. (you mention "asset guarantees"?) you could try and get a second mortage on that from a UK bank and use the funds to buy the house in Belgium.

May 20, 2023 15:40

Thanks, anon. With asset guarantees I actually meant a first property in Belgium, which I acquired quite some time ago.

Others on this forum have mentioned Acerta - as they seem to have an independent structure of branches, can someone provide me with the branch where they have successfully obtain a mortgage in such situation?

Jun 27, 2023 17:33

I meant Argenta (not Acerta)

Jun 27, 2023 17:37