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Brexit import duties/VAT on return shipments to the UK


I bought a performance laptop from the UK (ordered before Brexit) but unfortunately dispatched and arrived in Belgium only after Brexit happened. The laptop had a defect so I returned it back to the UK company and already got my refund of GBP 750.

Now IPS who delivered it to me and who also took back the return shipment (return costs were free for me) has sent me a bill for VAT, Import duties and admin costs totalling about Euro 350 for the inbound shipment but I am at my wits end trying to tell them that Ive returned the laptop back to the company in the UK but they keep calling me telling me that I need to pay the costs.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Pay them .... and put it down to experience.

Apr 11, 2021 23:29

No. Fight it.
I hope you have all documentation regarding original shipment coming in and when you sent it back. Tracking numbers etc.
Take it up with the supplier too.
Normally shipments are now done in two ways.
First is it comes in via bpost or parcel and you pay Belgian VAT and a customs clearance charge at your door or at post office before you get parcel.
Or it comes via courier like UPS or DHL and those charges are prepaid by the supplier.
If returned and refunded there should be no VAT due, there should be no import duties under Brexit if it was made in the U.K. , but you are probably liable for the original shipping cost and customs clearance cost. The supplier should have deducted these from your refund.
Try to get a 3 way discussion going between yourself, someone at IPS and your supplier and come to a mutual agreement.

Apr 12, 2021 00:54

You've already paid VAT on it if you paid for it before Brexit. And if there was anything to be charged on it, the delivery company should have charged you before delivery.

Apr 12, 2021 16:27