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Brussels’ famous floral carpet to showcase dahlias this summer

Brussels Flower Carpet 2024
10:39 09/06/2024

The Grand Place in Brussels will be transformed into a giant floral carpet from 15 to 18 August in a tradition dating from 1971.

For the first time, the 23rd edition of the biennial event is to honour dahlias in the motif of its design.

While begonias have long been the preferred bloom for the ephemeral display, the increasing scarcity of the colourful robust plant is an opportunity for another floral plant to have its turn in the sun.

More than 80% of the gigantic 1,600m2 carpet will employ different varieties of fresh dahlias and in multiple hues. Cultivated in Belgium, the popular flower is both hardy and decorative, which makes it perfect for the floral carpet.

As a collaboration between artists, horticulturists and volunteers from across Belgium, the unique project in the medieval Grand Place is a major summer attraction for the city.

Flower Carpet 2024

This year, Belgian visual artist Océane Cornille (pictured) is responsible for the design. She pays homage to Brussels as the floral capital of Europe and an international reference for Art Nouveau and Surrealism.

Since studying graphic design in her home city of Liège, Cornille has created murals and street art projects in Belgium and around the world. Her work habitually explores movement in all its forms and is inspired by nature, travel, organic structures and the interplay of light and shadow.

"In my artistic approach, I am inspired by the concept of the rhizome plant to express the complexity and interconnection of Brussels,” says Cornille, who says the lines in her work are also a metaphor for the complex network of urban neighbourhoods. “Like the roots of a plant, these lines intersect and overlap, creating a dense and organic network that reflects the diversity and vitality of Brussels,” she adds.

While the floral display is a free attraction, visitors can purchase tickets to enjoy a panoramic view from the balcony of the city hall. The additional attraction of a  sound and light will run from 15 to 18 August, every 30 minutes between 21.00 and  23.00.

Written by The Bulletin