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Building company and home insurance


About 5 years ago, our building company did some repairs on the roof and our balcony, without our permission. As we do not visit our apartment often, we had no control over the quality of the repairments that have been done.
The repairments on the roof have caused a major flood in our walls, damaging some extensive areas of the entire apartment. While refurnishing the balcony, a big hole has been made under our balcony door, which made the door fall out of its place.
For years we have been trying to gain compensation for all the damages since they are pretty serious and require a lot of work and finance. The building company claims that insurance will do an evaluation, but they never give us an answer and always try to avoid further progress...
What are our legal rights in this situation? Is there a time limit for the insurance to cover the damages, since they were made about 5 years ago? Any advice on what we should do to finally gain some progress from this situation?
Thank you!


For 5 years you have been waiting for the building company to do something?

That's crazy. Pick up the phone and call your own insurance company to come and do an evaluation. That's why you pay them.

I hope you're not too late.

Jun 3, 2023 11:43