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Car electrician


VW Scirocco: When turning on the lights, some don't work while others turn on the wrong lights. Can anyone suggest a reliable electrician who doesn't charge too much? I do not want to go to VW. Preferably between Waterloo and Brussels.


You probably have a failing battery. Go and get the battery tested at an Auto5. You may just need to replace that.

Jul 21, 2020 09:14

First thing to do is to check the bulbs that don't work and replace any that are blown. You don't need to pay someone to do that, the instructions will be in the handbook and there may have been spare bulbs supplied when the car was bought.

Jul 21, 2020 12:12

My own experience car electronics is that it's cheaper to go straight to the official network and get the job done properly first time by an expert.

Your next option is googling "specialiste independant vw"

Jul 21, 2020 14:24

Try this independent VW garage in Waterloo.
Garage Annez
Rue de la Station 17a, 1410 Waterloo, Belgique +32/(0)2/3540693

Jul 26, 2020 18:42
Emille B.

If you have not done anything towrds all these switches ;have you checked the mass connection of the car ?
If there is a towing bar and electric connection , this often has been the cause in my experience.

Jul 27, 2020 15:49