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I saw a beautiful blue chess set at the Christmas Market but couldn't buy it before it was over. Is there any way to know names of sellers/companies from the market? Where does one buy chess in Brussels for a reasonable price?


Below contact info for the Christmas market:

Traders : (this is for the tradespeople but I would think that whoever receives these mails would be the person mostly likely to have the info you are looking for)
Or try this:
General info: - +32/2/318.64.70

Jan 22, 2017 20:02

Just wait for twelve months they will be back they are 90% the same traders as a rule and the chess sets have been there the last few years

Jan 24, 2017 07:41

Thank you for your answers! I've sent an email and hopefully will get an answer soon

Jan 25, 2017 18:28