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Clubs condemn most recent bouts of football violence

08:26 25/10/2022

Violence broke out at a Standard Liège-Anderlecht football match this weekend, with Anderlecht fans throwing smoke bombs onto the playing field during the match.

Further rioting took place outside the stadium, which led to players being stuck in the locker rooms until the violence was able to be brought under control.

The incident resulted in a premature halting of the game and a €50,000 fine for Anderlecht from the Pro League.

“RSC Anderlecht regrets the incidents that led to the stoppage of the match against Standard Liège on Sunday evening,” Anderlecht said in a statement.

“The club obviously understands the discontent of its supporters. Sporting is currently not where it should be. However, the club strongly condemns these incidents and will engage in a dialogue with its fans in the coming days.”

Meetings are expected to take place in regards to the future of Anderlecht manager Felice Mazzù, Het Laatste Nieuws reports.

Players spent the night in a hotel instead of returning home due to security reasons.

Police and security initially sought to prevent such violence between football fans by separating each side using high fences, but verbal provocations and then the throwing of various objects ensued, including firecrackers.

Around 20 supporters were injured, along with three police officers. Three administrative arrests were made and reports will be drawn up in regards to football-specific violence, which has been an issue in Belgium and elsewhere for some time.

Written by Helen Lyons