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Homophobia to be punished more severely -

This article is all well and good, but what about the discrimination against same-sex couples in Flanders thanks to Vlaams Belang?

For 2 years the courthouse in Antwerp gave us the run around (we're STILL not married and I have to order my documents from the US AGAIN because my docs are only good for 6 months, despite the fact that the government employees pretended they were fine and it was OTHER paperwork that was not ok - ie: demanding proof of US citizenship, knowing my passport is official proof of that).

Then they lost my paperwork that would allow for identity theft, made my fiance sign paperwork stating we never brought that paperwork in (IF we wanted my birth certificate and other papers that were NOT lost back), and threatened to call the police when I refused to sign the paper, and demanded my paperwork back without signing fraudulently. The US Embassy can do nothing to help because they do not offer legal advice or services (understandably so).

I speak Dutch fluently, but because of Vlaams Belang, I will NEVER live in Flanders. Now I'm learning French, enjoying living among the civilized French. You people need to get it together. I'm American and the US has a LOT of problems, but NEVER have I seen anything like this, and I've lived in a lot of places. Belgium should be ashamed.

Anyone considering moving to Belgium? There are no consumer rights, landlords will turn you away for being a single mother, from another country, GLBT, and then tell you to get an attorney if you don't like it. Doctors discriminate the same, we've been to England and Germany for treatment. And beyond paying a TON of money to an attorney only to have your case heard by a judge influenced by a corrupt political party? Give me a break - that is not an option and that's why this goes on.

This country is a nightmare. Here's hoping you choose a better location, or have a different experience. But you should know that Vlaams Belang is a VERY backwards political movement, and Flanders will not be improving any time soon, no matter where you come from, what your sexual orientation is, or what your skin color is.

Emille B.

Maybe of little help , but if marriage is an administrative nightmare , try legal co-habitation as a start; from there marriage might be easier .

Dec 17, 2012 16:15