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Complaining Neighbour



My downstairs neighbour keeps complaining about us moving furniture and my daughter running/jumping. Neither of the things are that often and it's not like we can tie our daughter to her bed for the time she is at time.

Moreover he keeps banging his ceiling with a stick or something.

It's getting very hard to have playe dates or have people over.

I don't want to tiptoe around my own house.

I have àlready tried to explain to him politely that my daughter is young and we try to explain not to jump or run but it's very difficult to convince a toddler.

What are my options?

Many Thanks


Tell him to move. You don't live in a flat with poor sound insulation if you can't tolerate a bit of normal, everyday noise from the neighbours.

If he complains that the noise is unreasonable, tell him to call the police to record the problem. There are laws against noise nuisance. If he does this consistently, the police will soon get the message and give him a lecture.

Complain to the landlord/Syndic that he is harassing you and preventing you from enjoying your property.

Record every time that he complains. Keep a diary.

Tell him to record his complaint in writing and send it by registered letter.

Sep 23, 2020 19:04

My commune, Schaerbeek, has a mediation service for this kind of dispute, it might be worth seeing if yours does too

Oct 7, 2020 19:56