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Cooperation agreement signed to open up job opportunities at defence ministry

The insignia of the Belgian defence ministry seen during a press conference on Friday 01 October 2021. (BELGA PHOTO BENOIT DOPPAGNE)
06:27 11/05/2022

A broad cooperation agreement on recruitment and training between the ministry of defence, the Brussels employment service Actiris and the Bruxelles Formation tutoring centre was signed on Tuesday at the Royal Military School in Brussels, Bruzz reports.

The aim of the agreement is to give more Brussels residents the opportunity to find a job, and give them the opportunity to apply for military and civilian civil servant positions with the ministry of defence in the Brussels Region.

Actiris and Bruxelles Formation will provide the ministry of defence with an integrated range of services that meet the needs of the ministry of defence in terms of human resources and facilitates access to employment for jobseekers.

The cooperation agreement should increase the visibility of available military professions offered in the Brussels Region and help the public and potential candidates with their applications to for jobs at the ministry of defence.

The ministry of defence is committed to training jobseekers on a learning and work basis in the sectors of construction, mechanics and computer science, among other things. The cooperation will also provide 500 places in Belgium for first-time job seekers.

Written by Nick Amies