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Desperately seeking amateur orchestra!


I moved to Belgium a week ago and although my new job will take some time off my hands, I am now looking for an amateur orchestra, marching band, wind band or amateur symphonic band to play with in a month or two. Most styles work for me, and I've done some figurative tattoo marching as well.

I've played the clarinet all my life and fear my wind soul might dry up and die if I don't get to play while living here.

Some links, adresses or the likes would be great!


Every village/town has at least one wind band (harmonie or fanfare). Where are you living? Simply ask in your municipality (gemeentehuis) or look on their website under cultural organisations. Belgium is a great place to play an instrument and there are so many possibilities open to you. Language could be an issue of course. But in my experience some bands are more than willing to welcome non-Flemish or French speakers.

Aug 16, 2013 08:18

Hi, I play trombone and am looking for an orchestra too! Did you find one?

Sep 16, 2013 23:23

The orchestra "Camerata of Linkebeek" is always happy to welcome new members.

for more info:
don't hesitate to contact us !!

Mar 18, 2014 16:26