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Doctor or A&E?


Hi, I damaged my wrist 3 weeks ago in a small village in Turkey. I saw a doctor there who thought it was ligament damage, but had no xray machine to test further. It's still giving me grief and I wonder if I can now go directly to A&E or if I need to visit a GP in the first instance? (I will need to find one.) I have a SIS card, if relevant.


Get yourself to any Hospital A&E, or clinic near you that does x-rays. No appointment is needed

Aug 9, 2016 13:18

Great thanks! Will go this arvo.

Aug 9, 2016 13:21

Thanks again, Meha. Turns out my wrist was broken!

Aug 9, 2016 20:09

No problem, Tommo, here to help (if I can) having been in Brussels since 1997, I know the situation here.

Hope that you recover from the broken wrist and that there is no pain.

Aug 11, 2016 10:53