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Elderly entertainer


Who could help me find a Dutch -speaking person who could help and entertain my 77 year old dad for a few hours/day some days per week? My dad is in the beginning stage of a certain kind of Alzheimer disease, and is still living at home. An example of entertainment could be playing puzzles, going for short walks etc etc.

Ideally someone who lives close to Tervuren, in the possession of a drivers license, and who has experience in similar jobs with elderly people.

Thank yo...

From the archives

I found this on the Flanders Red Cross website (translated by Google). Hope it helps.

You're sick, difficulty walking, or feel lonely?
We will keep your pet happy, making a walk with you or help you when shopping.
Social Assistance: 015 44 35 08, sociale.hulpverlening @ Red Cross . be

Aug 22, 2011 14:45