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'The Enchanted Garden' in autumn colours till 09 Oct. 2022

Art Sanctuary
28/09/2022 from 13:00until 09/10/2022 - 19:00
28 Sep
The Enchanted Garden
Art Sanctuary
Rue du Tilleul 22
1370  Saint-Jean-Geest (Jodoigne)

For the first time, you can visit the international art exhibition 'The Enchanted Garden' during the autumn season. It shows sculptures in a natural landscape garden full of contrasts, surprises and autumn colours.

The exhibition presents some four hundred sculptures combining bronze, corten steel, composite, glass, ceramic, metal, reused materials and tools.

Among the artists, we mention:

  • Evelyne Hamoir (Belgium; bronze): Capturing instant images to express a state of mind, a volatile moment, an emotion.
  • France Van Hemelrijck (Belgium; recycled agricultural tools): Her imagination is limited only by the elegance of the creation.
  • Hermine van der Does (Netherlands; glass): Three-dimensional glass structures with brilliant colour combinations.
  • Mag Vermeiren (Belgium; bronze and ceramic): tender and poetic works full of detail; with the woman at the centre.
  • Paul Van Cauteren (Belgium; Glass): Abstract glass sculptures created from fused glass and glass colour powders, sometimes in combination with other materials.
  • Philippe Stévenart (Belgium; Corten steel, metal): A form of meditation where the viewer is invited to join the artist on his journey.

Some artists and artworks from the summer exhibition will no longer be present.


'The Enchanted Garden 2022' is located on the language border, between Jodoigne, Hoegaarden and Tienen, halfway between Brussels, Liège and Namur and on the 'RAVEL' cycle route connecting Leuven, Tienen, Hoegaarden with Jodoigne and Namur.


The exhibition is open on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 7pm till and including Sunday 09 Oct 2022. The entrance fee is 6 EUR / person. Drinks are available at the bar starting at 2 EUR.

Address: Rue du tilleul 22, 1370 Saint-Jean-Geest (Jodoigne).

Contact: Art Sanctuary, The Enchanted Garden, +32 (0) 493 628 540.

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