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European Mental Health Week: Focus on co-creation from 13 to 19 May

European Mental Health Week 13-19 May
08:32 09/05/2024

Brussels-based Mental Health Europe (MHE) hosts its fifth edition of the European Mental Health Week under the banner of co-creation from 13 to 19 May.

The pan-European initiative is staging online and in-person events to raise awareness about the importance of mental health as well as tackling the stigma that continues to surround it.

One in two people experience mental health issues in their lifetime, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). While recognition and understanding about mental health is increasing, stigma and discrimination still exists.

“Business as usual for mental health simply cannot do,” points out the World Health Organisation (WHO). But what should the future of mental health look like is one question raised by MHE in its chosen theme for the 2024 campaign.

Traditionally, people experiencing mental health problems as well as their families have been considered recipients of care, not active partners. The concept of co-creation sees everyone having a voice and a role in supporting mental health.

The empowerment of people with lived experience of mental health issues is crucial, says MHE. But the concept of co-creation goes further: it proposes an innovative approach centred on collaboration, partnership and understanding to transform services, research, communication and policy in order to better meet the real needs of individuals.


A co-creation approach aims to help deliver comprehensive and accessible services when problems develop, as well as promoting positive mental health. 

“This Mental Health Week is about showing solidarity with everyone that is experiencing mental distress and it’s also an opportunity for open conversations about the role each of us has in supporting mental health,” says MHE director Claudia Marinetti.

The key message of the week-long campaign is that “Doing with is better than doing for”. It envisages a care service network where people with lived experience, their supporters, professionals, communities and policy makers, work together with respect and equality so that they all do better. 

Throughout the week, there are opportunities for people to join an event, share a message of support using the hashtag #EuropeanMentalHealthWeek or simply wear a green ribbon, which might just spark an important conversation.

To help people participate in the action week, MHE has launched an Engagement Toolkit with materials, including social media assets.

The week-long programme of events includes discussions centred on young people and the importance of voting in the upcoming EU elections on 9 June.

European Mental Health Week
13 to 19 May


Written by Mental Health Europe (MHE) in association with The Bulletin