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Fees for PCR test


Back in September, my roommate tested positive for Covid, so I had to do a PCR test. The contact tracer sent me a code, and I assumed that the costs would be covered by the State. But just a couple weeks ago, I received the invoice for the test. I have now contacted the provider, but I have received no answer yet. Does anybody know whether these tests always have to be paid? If I had known that, I wouldn't have taken the test. I remember back in May of last year, I also had to pay for two PCR tests after returning from a trip to Germany. Back then, they told me that you have to pay for it if you are not in a Mutuelle.


You gave them your ID card when you went for the test?
If so, they sort out if you need to pay for the test or not. Some you do, some you don't.
If they didn't have your correct details, then you pay regardless.

Mar 31, 2022 10:41