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Financial planning for expats: Free webinar on dealing with divorce on 16 June

13:35 15/06/2022

Brussels law firm Cabinet David is running a free evening webinar in English International Divorce in Belgium, and taxes on 16 June.

The seminar will be conducted by family lawyer Eliane Kengoand international tax lawyer Marc Quaghebeur, the latest in a long-running series on financial planning for expats in Belgium.

Living in Belgium as a non-Belgian presents a unique set of challenges. If you’re facing the break-up of your marriage or long-term relationship, you may need help navigating the financial implications at a time when you’re already going through considerable emotional distress.

Eliane Kengo has years of experience guiding clients through divorce. She will explain the process in Belgium, especially for international couples with different backgrounds. What are the various stages, from setting up separate homes, deciding on negotiation or litigation, in Belgium and at home? She will also explore the setbacks that you may encounter and what fallback situations there are for a good negotiation process.

Marc Quaghebeur is an international tax lawyer with long experience in cross-border estate planning. He will advise on how taxes work for alimony, the maintenance costs for children, and if your partner is travelling the world and has expatriate tax status. Sharing wealth in the event of divorce gives rise to additional issues, in particular if you move back to your home country.

International Divorce in Belgium, and taxes
16 June, 18.00 to 19.30



Written by The Bulletin