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Financial planning for expats: Free webinar series on estate planning

14:15 07/04/2023

Brussels law firm Cabinet David is running a free interactive webinar series on tax and estate planning topics for expats in Belgium.

TEP-talks explain basic tax questions and address estate planning topics in simple terms, presented by Marc Quaghebeur on 13 and 20 April.

 The next interactive seminar on estate planning with wills is on 13 April at 18.00.

TEP-Talk: The Art of Writing a Tax Efficient Will

Getting your Will right is important, so it is important to know some useful things:

-       Spouses and civil partners do not pay inheritance tax on the family home.

-       Skipping a generation with bequests to the grandchildren can spread the estate and reduce the inheritance tax.

-       Making gifts to one or more charities in your will can reduce the inheritance tax

It’s followed on 20 April at 18.00 by:

TEP-Talk: The Art of the Gift

In Belgium, a lot of estate planning is done with lifetime gifts. If gift tax is paid, no inheritance tax will be due.

Gift tax is due on all gifts before a notary. However, it is not obligatory to make gifts of movables before a notary. Hand-to-hand gifts and bank gifts are valid and exempt of gift tax. Nonetheless, the donor has to live for another three years (and now five years in Wallonia) after the gift, if not, the gift is liable to inheritance tax.

Marc Quaghebeur is an international tax lawyer with long experience in cross-border tax and estate planning. He will address these questions and he will explain some new developments.

This interactive seminar links with his book Rest in Peace, A Guide to Wills and Inheritance Tax in Belgium.

Future events are A Lasting Power of Attorney, Why? and Estate Planning when you have no children

For more TEP-talks to come, see

Written by The Bulletin