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Generic freezer drawers


Hello everyone,

Basically the freezer in my rented apartment is dodgy and it keeps freezing completely, and in frustration trying to pull drawers out I have broken a couple of them. I am moving out in a few weeks, is there anywhere I can go to get generic freezer drawers? Or even manufacturer specific ones? Seems like if I can't then I'll have to replace the entire fridge/freezer which would obviously be a disaster.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks very much :)


You either contact the manufacturer directly, or you try one of the many thousands of small independent electrical / spare parts stores.

Search for "pièces détachées électroménager" in the yellow pages for someone local.

You can also try somewhere like here : but it's all in German.

Oct 12, 2021 11:14

We found replacement from eBay after googling with the freezer brand

Oct 12, 2021 12:50