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Genetic Carrier Screening


My husband and I are considering trying for a baby this year. I would like to have a genetic carrier test for both of us before we start, would anyone know of anywhere in Brussels which could provide this service and how much it might cost?
Many thanks


Im not clear this kind of service os routine in europe, unless one has a family history of hereditary illness and even then many genetic conditions they dont know the gene involved. Also there are sometime mutations and that can lead to disablity downs syndrome is an example of this. If you really have concern the only way to rule out anything would be to have something like an aminocentist test and that iant risk free. To be clear being told you dont appear to have the the gene for says cystic fibrosis would not guarentee your child wpuld be born whole or healthy i used to work with children with degenrative neurilogical conditins amd many had no gene identified

Feb 21, 2018 10:06