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Think I should try glasses.
Where can I go to have a pair and prescriptions for little time and money?
(Without mutuelle)

What is the procedure and price (roughly)


Ace & Tate in Brussels is easy to deal with and affordable.

Sep 15, 2018 17:34

If you're just having trouble reading, you can buy cheap reading glasses from less than €10 at places like FNAC.

If your sight problems really need an optician, the easiest is to try one of the major chains.

The procedure is, you go along and ask for a test. Typically you'd have to make an appointment for this. Then if you need glasses, they'll prescribe them. It may take anything from an hour, to a few days to get your glasses.

No idea unfortunately about costs, but from the various websites, you can see that frames start at a minimum of around €70 up to whatever you are prepared to pay.

Your lenses will be extra and the cost will depend on what has been prescribed.

You should be clear with them when you're being tested that you don't have a mutuelle.

Sep 15, 2018 20:46

So if I have a test, it will take some time?
(I am not poor, but would like not to spend to much time and money for just trying)

Sep 16, 2018 00:46

There are two places to have a test. Any shop which sells glasses or a specialist eye doctor. The delay will be in getting an appointment though I imagine that a shop will be much quicker. You will get the results immediately. The mutuelle will not refund the cost of having a test done in a shop but, as you are not using a mutuelle that doesn't apply to you.
You can select your frames in a shop and the second delay will be in getting the lenses made. I use Hans Anders and they usually take about 2 weeks.

Sep 16, 2018 08:33

I guess I will get the numbers on the first session?
(So I could also order on the web)

Sep 16, 2018 15:14

@ INNOVATOR - I ... would like not to spend to much time and money for just trying.

Either you need glasses or you don't. It's not some kind of voluntary fashion item. I assume because you're asking the question, that you have some issues with your sight, therefore you need to go and get tested.

If you think it's a waste of time and money, then don't bother.

Sep 16, 2018 15:50

If it is just for reading, first step is go to a shop like Di and try some basic low cost reading glasses.

Or call Grand Optical or Pearle and make an appointment for a test. This should be free. They will advise what you need. They are both reasonably priced. I would not advise buying real glasses on line. They need to fit and need some adjustment to fit correctly.

I don’t believe Mutuel covers glasses cost unless you have an optical medical problem.

Sep 17, 2018 00:03