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Going to Germany or the Netherlands


What is the possibility for day trips to Netherlands or Germany now?
(Just over the border)


I hink I have posted these several times now.


Nov 13, 2020 08:53

It doesn’t really answer the question though. Does “strongly discouraged” mean not allowed at all? For example, is it possible to drive somewhere, pick something up and return straight away, without any human interaction longer than a minute or two?

Nov 15, 2020 20:24

What it means is use your common sense. Non-essential travel is discouraged. However if you live close to one of Belgium's borders your local shopping centre, where you do you weekly food shop, may be just across the border. That's permitted. If you live in Bruxelles or Gent, that isn't going to be the case, so cross-border travel is, as it says, strongly discouraged. Remember that last time, some people, living close to a closed border, found that access to their normal shops wasn't possible and in some cases they had to travel many kilometres to find alternatives. The new rules are intended to avoid that situation while discouraging optional cross-border travel.

Nov 15, 2020 20:44