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Good English-speaking gynecologist?


Asking on behalf of a friend: Can anyone recommend a sympathetic and professional English-speaking gynecologist in the Ixelles/Saint Gilles area to follow a pregnancy from (almost) start to finish?

Thank you for any advice!

jeannie m

Dr. Eveline Markowicz on Avenue Brugmann, 1180

Jun 12, 2017 10:21

Dr. Graham Hutchings at Edith Cavell. Superb Dr and native English and speaks French

Jun 12, 2017 14:30

Hi there. Our obstetrician is Dr Chi'ban in Antwerp who is affiliated with St Vincentius hospital. I would recommend also thinking about your desires for labour and delivery as not all OBs and hospitals are open to possibilities like giving birth in a birthing tub or using independent midwives and so on. You have to make sure their general philosophy is a match, not just the language skills.

Jun 12, 2017 20:14

Is also suggest you join the BCT and ask their members many will have very recent experience. Also if you go to someone decide you don't like them it's very easy to switch here. I did that. I personally liked St Elizabeth's when I had my son but that was 17 years ago. I had to have a planned c section due to complications in previous deliveries and a blood clotting issue. My doctor was Dr Sonia Vanderlinden she was excellent she worked with me and I also went to my own gp she still works there.i would go and see the hospitals if you can and as mentioned above find someone who will offer you the care during your pregnancy and style birth you'd prefer good luck

Jun 13, 2017 08:11