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Green light for Schuman roundabout redesign

Planned redesign of Schuman roundabout
13:26 27/12/2021

Schuman roundabout is set to be transformed into an almost car-free urban square. has been granted building permission to redevelop the EU district landmark, the relevant federal, regional and city authorities announced on Friday.

Work on the long-planned project is due to start at the end of 2022. It is to receive European funding of €21 million as part of the federal government’s recovery plan.

A large pedestrian zone will dominate the new urban square with traffic limited to the area between Avenue de Cortenbergh and Rue de la Loi, which will also feature a cycle lane.

The contemporary redesign of the square consists of concentric circles with a central circular awning creating a covered meeting place for visitors and residents. This mirror structure will be topped by a green roof.

A pedestrian zone extends around the square adorned by benches, shrubs and trees. It includes the Petite Rue de la Loi, which will similarly be redeveloped to create landscaped pathways linking the EU institutions with Cinquantenaire Park.

The work is to be carried out by Brussels Mobility agency Beliris.

Image: ©Cobe/Brut

Written by The Bulletin



No, no, no - looks like last century, only a bit of green up in the air. As much sealed surface as before, no more trees, but many more shades of grey. Very sad - missed opportunity to transform a quarter with a lot of traffic in a human place with as much nature as possible.

Jan 3, 2022 09:27

Why oh why do they have to have so much paving? It is a horrible design. Totally unrealistic to combat climate change. You are taking away a much greener roundabout and replacing it with something really horrible. Wake up Brussels, use an architect with a better sense of what is desirable in this day and age!

Jan 3, 2022 13:56