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Having trouble with passenger locator form


I'm flying to Belgium within a few weeks. I have so many issues with the passenger locator form. One is that I'm from Canada and my phone number in Canada is 1 647 555 5555 (obviously a fake number but exactly the same format). It asks for my international format so I tried 001 647 555 5555 or +1 647 555 5555 (never any spaces, brackets, or dashes) and nothing works. Help! (Does it matter if I'm on the Safari browser or Google Chrome browser... it says nothing about technical problems).

Also, it asks me if I belong to an exception category? I am fully vaccinated with the approved vaccine, Pfizer. So I guess I say no? I read the information webpage but it's not very clear, so I guess it means only if I am having trouble being vaccinated (i.e. medical reason can't accept vaccines or am on special travel like a medical doctor or pro athlete) and need to be an exception? In other words if I am normally vaccinated I say no to exception category?

Finally, it asks me for "previous consecutive stays within the last 14 days". Very confusing. You mean if I live in Canada, does that count as a stay? Or only if I visited Belgium recently? And why is it "consecutive"? What if I stayed in only one country, like the USA, in the last 14 days, but still won't be flying to Belgium for another three weeks, so why do they care if it's 14 days as of now? To be clear, to help in your responses to me, I am a Canadian citizen, and have only traveller (visitor) status in Belgium, and have not been to Belgium for more than a year. Thanks!


Your phone needs to be a mobile number.
You are not an exception category.
Yes, Canada counts as a stay.

Dec 6, 2021 11:55
Sally Tipper

I see the form says you should fill it in up to 6 months before arriving in Belgium. But the "14 days" refers to the 14 days before you arrive here. So if you're not leaving Canada in the 2 weeks before travelling to Belgium, just put Canada, with the "from" date being 2 weeks before you travel.

Phone number: try the format 0116475555555.

Dec 7, 2021 12:27