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Health Insurance Cover


Hi, having lived in Belgium for 6 years, we have decided to move back to Ireland. I am 3 months pregnant, my question is about health insurance, how do I ensure that I am covered when I move back?


Try ringing or emailing your mutelle to ask if they will keep you coveted until your local insurance is set up in Ireland. Is there any health insurance companies there you can call and ask?
Also maybe better asked on an Irish website.
Final idea stay here until after you deliver excellent care as a rule

Aug 9, 2017 20:57

As a general rule, moving from one eu country to another is no problem. Usually I have been covered by the new country after 6 months, and the old for the first 6 months but I would confirm this before leaving Belgium. Your own mutuelle would probably be very helpful.

Aug 10, 2017 11:24

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