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Hospital and Woman Gynaec suggestion near Etterbeek


We are expats. My wife is pregnant. We would like to decide on the hospital and the gynaecologist for preg consultation. I know English and a bit of Dutch. We currently reside in Etterbeek. St.Michel, St.Elisabeth, Iris Ixelles, these are my shortlisted hospitals. I am unable to find an English speaking woman gyanecologist and decide on the best hospital out of the three.

We have Mutualite and a hospital insurance. Since St.Michel and St.Elisabeth don't have conventional doctors. Should i consider that or i can overlook.

If anybody has any good/bad experience about the hospital or a gynaec, please let me know.


Hi Congratulations I would recommend contacting the BCT for help and advice about child birth in Belgium. The membership will have recent experience of it and most likely to be able to offer up to date information on hospitals and doctors also great for support. Ith a young family..
I did have a female gynaecologist at ast Elizabeth’s but many years ago..
Can only speak on that hospital and was very happy ith my delivery there which was complex for medical reasons.
Good luck ith the pregnancy and delivery

Aug 5, 2021 10:16