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hospitalization for childbirth during waiting period


I am a non EU resident currently working in Belgium. I have been paying social security since end of august 2015 and register with partenamut. Prior to that i was classified as non resident status and i do not had to pay any social security in Belgium.
We are expeting a baby in Feb 2016 before my waiting period of 6 months get over. is it still possible to apply for reimbursement for the hospitalization during pregnancy.


9 months for pregnancy related things. Fortunately, your private (or whatever) health insurance that you had before you - err - "became" resident will cover. Call them.

Dec 17, 2015 01:35

If you are entitled, you will be paid by partenamut so they are the people whom you should be asking.
ANy answer you get here, no matter how sincerely believed to be accurate, may not be; an answer from partenamut WILL be correct.

Dec 17, 2015 09:04

She me one T the b t may be able to assist you worth asking g them

Dec 18, 2015 23:08


Dec 18, 2015 23:09