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House of Europe

Théâtre l'Improviste
29/05/2022 from 20:30until 29/05/2022 - 20:30
29 May
Théâtre l'Improviste
120 Rue de Fierlant
1190  Bruxelles

Do you like stories about power, intrigue and bureaucracy ? Then you absolutely need to discover ImproBubble's show "House of Europe" at l'Improviste !

The Eurobubble is a small village in a small city in a small country that rules an entire continent- or at least tries to. Some EuroBubblers want to make a difference, some want to make money, and some just want to make it to retirement. But in this game, whether the stakes are high or low, everyone has a card to play...

Where ?
Théâtre l'Improviste
120 Rue de Fierlant, 1190 Forest

When ?
Sunday 29th of May 2022 at 8.30pm