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Import goods from China


Has anybody had experience in ordering goods over the internet from China? What would I need to look out for? How can I tell if the company is real? What documents can I ask for to check if they really exist? Would I need to pay customs VAT and duties on imported goods from China? What items can I not purchase? If the item (couch) does not meet the EU fire, health and safety standards would it be confiscated by EU customs and Excise officials? Would I have to pay to see my item destroyed? Am thinking of setting up an export/import business. Has anybody had experience in setting up an export(supplier/manufacturer) and import (to Belgium) business from China? Please tell me your experience - good and bad. TIA.

From the archives

This just is not the place where you are going to get the kind of advice that you need unless you really believe that expats in Belgium are widely experienced in the business of importing from China. I don't know where you will find the advice that you are looking for but I'm confident that it isn't on this site.

Sep 6, 2011 16:03