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Is a landlord allowed to add Indexation Amt to your rent (Indexation du loyer)after you have given the notice of termination ? As per my house contract after 3 years (which i completed in March 2011) of staying the contract becomes null (implies i think it will follow the 9 year contract pattern) and any issues after that (like house termination etc) will be resolved as per standard Belgian contract laws. I have already notified my landlord by registered letter (in english)that i would be vacating his apartment on Oct 31st 2011. Yesterday (2nd Aug and not by registered post, think he just dropped it in my box) i received a letter with the request to pay up the rent + indexation amount , starting Aprl 2011 till Oct 2011. Am i on thin water here ? Thanks for your reponses in advance

From the archives

Yes, he can index the rent, provided it is done at the correct time and in the correct way as stipulated in the contract.

No, it cannot be backdated to April - if he didn't do it on time, he can only backdate it 3 months. April would be a 4th.

Aug 22, 2011 11:13