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just found out I'm pregnant (it's going to be my second one) and these are my first months here in Belgium. My family doctor suggested me Doctor Hubert at Cavell. Any feedback on him/her?
And something else: Is Cavell a private clinic or a public hospital? Any additional info on pregnancy (costs, paperwork etc) here in Belgium will be more than welcome.

Thanks a lot

From the archives

I would recommend Dr Van Lennep, also at Cavell. She is a lovely lady, speaks excellent English although she usually has a waiting list.
I had my second child in Cavell and it was a great experience compared to my first in England. The welfare of the mother is a high priority (as of course is the welfare of the baby). As far as I know Cavell is a public hospital. Your mutuelle should be able to provide information about reimbursement of costs.

Sep 5, 2011 13:04