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Interculturality Projects


Calling all young people!

If you are aged between 3 - 35, the Conseil Jeunesse Developpement needs you!

The CJD is a Brussels-based, French-speaking ASBL which works to promote cultural exchanges between people of all cultures living in Belgium.

The organisation works on the concept that young people visiualise a project, and then contact the CJD, who will then support the project in anyway possible (logisitics, finance, location, advertising, etc).

These projects can be ANYTHING you wish. As simple as a communal meal, where young people from different cultures can mix, or maybe as elaborate as a trip around the world. Check out Geraldine and Robin who are doing this right now with our help! (

Whatever your project, even if it is just a little idea today - we have the tools to make it a big, brilliant and beautiful project together.

Let's make Brussels a better place to live.