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iPhone repair


Other than Cami, who say they can't help, is there anywhere else in the Brussels area I can enquire about an iPhone repair? It's not even a big technical job - my sim card tray has snapped and half of it is stuck in the phone..


ps. Loads of people here seem to have apple phones and gadgets, yet there is no apple shop. Odd. They'd do a roaring trade if they opened one.

Karl K.

There is a shop at the top end of Rue Neuve  (towards Place Rogiers) seilling Apple products...

There is a shop in Gallerie Louise - next to the entrance of the night club ('Louise Gallery') repairing IPhones...

There is a shop in Wouluve Shopping Center Close to Zara selling Apple products...

Contact Apple for opening an Apple shop in Belgium - Apple decides if, when and where....Apple will sue the pans off anybody openeing an unauthorised Apple shop +

Sep 8, 2011 13:55
Christophe Dk

Hi, If you still looking for your Iphone to be repaired I can help because that's what i do.

Feel free to contact me. I've just put an add on here to provide my service of Smartphone & Tablet repair.


Sep 25, 2014 17:15
Hélène Fr

I would recommend MHN Computers in ixelles. They are very kind, prices are very reasonable and very Fast service.

Tel. 02 649 88 49

May 22, 2015 14:24
Terry Copija

MHN replaced the screen on our iPhone 5S quickly AND ON A BELGIUM HOLIDAY! They picked PICKED UP THE PHONE AND RETURNED IT exactly in the given timeframe. FAST, FRIENDLY, AND EFFICENT.
MHN Computers xl
10 Avenue Adolphe Buyl
1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 02 649 88 49
GSM: 0495 16 52 00

Nov 4, 2015 15:56