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Katrin Dekoninck | Second Skin

Le Neuf Gallery
04/09/2022 from 14:00until 22/10/2022 - 18:00
4 Sep
Le Neuf Gallery
Chaussée de Waterloo 690 / 09
1180  Bruxelles

Katrin Dekoninck has been modelling large sculptures in stoneware clay for years. This material radiates a fragility that perfectly supports her story. In her quest for expressiveness, she recently began to explore the potential of bronze. Through the innovative use of light patinas in different variations, the sculptures preserve their fragile and vulnerable character. In this exhibition, her sculptures in stoneware clay and bronze enter into dialogue for the first time. 

The exhibition shows you a selection of sculptures in armour or curved in a foetal position. The characters seem to want to isolate themselves or to protect themselves from the outside world. 

The armour also refers to the animal world, where the most vulnerable species are equipped with armour. As human beings, we also equip ourselves with such a shield and cover ourselves against our surroundings. The duality of the spines cannot escape us: they act both as a protection of ourselves, of our vulnerability and inner turmoil (like a second skin) and as a severe warning to others.

In her previous exhibition "Tearing Faces", Katrin showed us how difficult it is to conciliate our feelings and our appearances. In "Second Skin", Katrin illustrates how fragility and sensitivity on the inside and harshness or aggressiveness on the outside are inextricable, like two faces of the same soul.