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Legalise a document in English in Brussels



I have a document in English destined for the UK that need to be legalised in Brussels (the signature)

I was informed the Commune is not doing that and I need to go to the Ministry of whatever but the next appointment is ... etc

Do you know whether a lawyer or anyone else can do that?



Ask the people in the UK what is acceptable to them.
Generally there will be a list of options including, for instance, a doctor, your bank etc.

Dec 17, 2021 14:34

Agree with KASSEISTAMPER, ask the person for whom it is for to specify who can legalize it. Alternatively, try the consular service of your embassy, or even your bank.

In the past, I have "legalized" documents in English for friends in my capacity as a company director. With a fancy signature and a company stamp you can make any document look "offical".

Dec 17, 2021 18:21

I have seen tons of documents in which the signatures were legalized, and in all cases it was by a notary, followed by an apostille at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nevertheless, it might be useful to follow KASSEISTAMPER's advice of calling the UK first.

Dec 19, 2021 23:36
Oppressed in Oppem

I've done this before. Only the Belgian Foreign Ministry can legalise Belgian documents with the apostille. See here:

Before they can do it, it may however be necessary for the document to be first signed or certified by another person or body. This depends on the type of document to be legalised. More information here:

Dec 22, 2021 11:45

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