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Liège rental is one of the smallest Airbnbs in the world

The Airbnb rental in Liège, in a photo taken from its posting on the site (© Airbnb)
06:55 06/04/2022

Belgium is full of houses with unusual and celebrated architecture; it's one of the country’s charming features for tourists. Now the country has another claim to architectural fame for offering one of the smallest Airbnbs in the world, The pigeon tree, reports Le Soir.

Housed in a century-old dovecote, the tiny house in Liège provides only 10 m² of living space. However, it boasts a separate bedroom, kitchen, toilet and shower, as well as a semblance of a living room.

"Unusual accommodation, perfect for a couple or a single traveller," reads the description of the house. Photos show its rather bucolic setting with a beautiful front garden.

While it provides a ‘green’ break in Liège – the house is also located close to the botanical gardens – and in close proximity to shops and restaurants, not far from the city centre. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect, yet unusual stay – unless you’re claustrophobic, of course.

Since the tiny house has only recently gone online on the Airbnb site, comments are few for the moment. But current feedback is unanimous regarding its practical, simple, comfortable and unusual nature.

The pigeon tree

"We thought it was complicated to go upstairs with the suitcases,” Benjamin Van Santen, the designer of this redesigned dovecote, explained to RTBF. “So, we found a solution to create a piece of furniture that goes up and down." A dumb waiter in the form of a piece of furniture has been designed for the comfort of visitors.

The lodging consists of a 5 m² fitted kitchen and living room on the ground floor and a 5 m² bedroom upstairs. The latter is accessed by a ladder attached to the wall. The dining room table folds down to leave space downstairs and the storage is retractable.

It took nearly five months to carry out the tailor-made transformation of the former dovecote, with the ecological footprint of the house also taken into consideration. The interior is mainly composed of wood with cork and hemp used for insulation. As for the oils, paint and waxes required, they were made from clay.

This unique accommodation will cost travellers on average €130 per night, charges and services included.

Written by Nick Amies