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Looking for an english speaking gynaecologist for Pregnancy


I got to know that I am pregnant. I am having difficulty in figuring out the hospital and a gyneco. Iris Ixelles, Saint Elisabeth, Saint Michael are near to us. We have a mutualite and hospitalia. We went to a gynaec in Iris ixelles, she was experienced and good, but we felt she had trouble communicating to us in English. If anybody has gone through the same situation, please let me know a good English speaking gynaecologist and the best hospital for maternity.
Apart from that, st.Elisab has non-coventionnelle doctors and the charges can be high. Should i bear anything in mind?

Thanks a lot for your answer!



Go to a Flemish region hospital :)

UZ Jette is in my opinion the best, it is also where the children's hospital is located that acts as the centre of expertise for any complex cases (I hope nothing like that is needed). But to be honest, you will always get a good standard of care and only minor variations.

They all speak perfect English, Dutch and French. Great post-maternity care as well.

You can visit the maternity wards as well if you ask the hospital (not sure now with Covid), as they can differ in services & atmosphere.

For your charges, depends on your insurance policy so just ask them. The hospitals all have a clear charge sheet. If you ring your insurance company, they will go through it with you.

Jul 9, 2021 10:34

Dr Marc Waterkeyn: Saint Elisabeth

Jul 10, 2021 10:31

Thanks for your responses.
Uz Jette is more far for us.

@SN: Thanks, Do you know of any woman gyanecologist. I am not comfortable with a male gynaec.

Jul 10, 2021 22:16

Dr. Evy Gillet, currently practising at CHU Brugmann, site Paul Brien, rue du Foyer Schaerbeekois 36, 1030 Schaerbeek. And practising on Mondays at Brusselstraat 313, 1702 Grand Bigard where you can get a faster consultation. 0474 47 74 45. Email:
She is my new gynae after mine retired. She assisted him during my surgery in 2018. Speaks fluent English.

Jul 12, 2021 20:59