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Hello everyone!

Me and my friend are in mid twenties, and just bought our own house!

Of course, mattress is one of the first things to buy on the list.

Can someone recommend a decent priced shop or place where we can look into?

We don't have any back problems or trouble sleeping either but definitely would love to have a comfy mattress without breaking the bank !

Thank you for your help!


Avoid any "specialized" mattress shop like the plague. You will pay a lot more for nothing.

Jul 5, 2018 14:57

In Belgium you might get a good price reduction if you purchase a mattress during the month of July.

Surf on Google search engine. Lots available with different prices.

You might like to sleep on the floor (good for your back).

Try a traditional Japanese futon mattresses. You can roll up the mattress.

IKEA also has mattresses. Website:|ps|adwords|go|ab1._bedroom_-_matresses_-_nl&gclid=CjwKCAjwg_fZBRAoEiwAppvp-WwP91MMwtxddTKJ6ueF58viE0UFohQTIyvNdoIsxb7VVmilAwDMdxoCkhgQAvD_BwE

Jul 5, 2018 15:35
Passive energy

They deliver to Belgium as well, I think for 40 fee.

Jul 30, 2018 22:43