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Mobile phone/Internet


I know this subject comes up often but the answers also change quickly. We are trying to decide who to go to for telephones etc. We need mobile phones with a small amount of data but qute a lot of SMS and an internet provider for our apartment. Does anyone have any (positive or negative)comments?

We don't need a fixed line, or tv, but it may be that some good packages include these anyway.


For mobile calls and data, try the Test-Achats online comparison tool.

Feb 28, 2018 17:09

Here in Belgium its a bit expensive as there is no competition for Internet/phone services. All phone lines in Belgium are owned by Proximus which makes them to have the monopoly of the service. Other companies have either to rent those lines from Proximus or use alternative technologies which sometimes do not offer the same quality of the service.
Prices are very similar in all companies the only big different is the monthly data you have and the number of TV channels. You are expected to pay around 60-70 Euro/month for Mobile, Internet, TV subscription. Companies you can choose are:
1.Proximus (Good service but the most expensive)
2.Orange (Good service but not available in all communes)
3.Scarlet(Still Proximus but cheapest)
4.VOO(Good service but price a bit high)
5.Telenet (Mostly available in Flanders region)

Feb 28, 2018 18:23

Base are good they are much cheaper than proximus for data and offer unlimited free sms to other phones in belgium
If anyone suggests movile vikings ignore only good for lots of data and bot much else

Mar 1, 2018 09:05

I cant comment on base for internet we dont have that proximus are a nightmare for instatlation issuez in luding not turning up because we returned to belgiun after 5 years and had a different address so didnt comtact us just didnt shiw. Same issue when we switched back to them lied about keeping our phone number. Telenet we couldnt fault was told by a tech their speeds are higher but not sure if its true

Mar 1, 2018 09:10

Ignore CC_R as he or she always comes out with a load of waffle about Mobile Vikings about which he or she doesn't seem to know anything at all. They're much better than BASE, use the same network as BASE, and you don't have to be tied to a contract. They have a variety of different plans, and you are free to choose what combination of data, calls and text you would like to have, unlike with BASE, where it's fixed :-)

Mar 1, 2018 09:48

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Mar 2, 2018 13:23

If you have cable TV, you could if they can offer Internet or phone in addition.

Mar 4, 2018 16:45