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Modelling by 15-year old


Does anyone know if a 15-year old is entitled to payment for modelling for press advertisements? My niece has modelled a few times in Brussels for cosmetics and each time was told that she could not be paid as she was a minor.
(I thought I posted this question yesterday but don't see it published. If this is a duplicate, please ignore it.)
Thank you for your advice.


My sons have both been paid legally for modeling work when under 18.

Feb 3, 2021 14:56

Of course she is entitled to pay. Whoever is employing her is taking advantage of her and frankly should be reported to the authorities.

There is a general prohibition of employing young people under 15, but modelling (as well as acting) is specifically mentioned as a job that can be done with permission.

If you can read French, see here under "Activités autorisées avec une dérogation individuelle"

Aditionally, her parents could well be liable for prosecution if she is not correctly registered for this work.

Feb 3, 2021 18:14