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Moving to Belgium, looking for an insurance plan and information what can help with maternity costs.


My husband was admitted to his masters program in Belgium and we are looking for an insurance plan. We just found out that we will also be having a baby in December! Could any one provide guidance on good insurance plans and hospital birth costs (we do not mind public hospital and no private room).

Thank you!


Here people take mutelle insurance with their work which covers what you are talking about but as you’re coming to,study I’m unclear how students get covered. Maybe you can contact your university and seek advice. I’m unclear how private insurance works here as most people use mutelles and I’m not sure you would be eligible but you could contact one and ask. All the best with your pregnancy and if you do end up giving birth here it’s a good system of care

Apr 25, 2019 10:52

The university admin office should be able to advise you on the basics.
You will have to be registered here as residents and also with a mutuelle - health insurance provider. Although there is a range of mutuelles, they are government controlled and, effectively, all charge the same and offer the same benefits though one might, for example, offer a bigger basket of goodies at the birth of your baby than another.
There will be some restrictions on what a mutuelle covers for you as your pregnancy is a 'pre-existing condition' - you were already pregnant when you arrived here.

Apr 25, 2019 11:32

I'd agree with KASSEISTAMPER, ask your university. All of them have offices for foreign students and they will be able to advise. You need to join a mutuelle.

For example, this is the relevant page for KU Leuven.

Apr 25, 2019 13:59