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Niepold Cutting (Belgium/England)

Muziekpublique @Théâtre Molière
03/03/2023 from 20:00until 03/03/2023 - 20:00
3 Mar
Muziekpublique @Théâtre Molière
Square du Bastion 3
(galerie porte de namur)
1050  Ixelles

Let yourself be carried away by the sound of diatonic accordions by Anne Niepold and Andy Cutting. Nourished by different currents and influences, the musician Anne Niepold always pushes the limits of her instrument further. From “Deux accords diront” to “Musette is not dead”, she lives her passion without borders and proves to be one of the most innovative accordionists in Europe. His repertoire lies between different musical traditions. It crosses eras, brings styles together and decompartmentalizes aesthetics. She is described as "a girl with real character, forged in the metal that her accordion blades are made of."
Andy Cutting is a diatonic accordion genius. Known for his duo work with Chris Wood, Blowzabella and Topette, he has performed with celebrities such as Sting and the Who! Endowed with his own style, we immediately recognize the timbre of his instrument to which he gives a unique sound. His phrasing and compositions oscillate between traditional English folk and more contemporary. It is always exceptional and moving to see and hear him play. Mastering rhythm, melody and harmony, as an accompanist or as a soloist, Cutting excels between strong melodies and refined bellows.
Although very different, the two artists have one thing in common: the desire to touch the public and convey strong emotions. They complement each other perfectly in this warm, playful and humorous duet album.
–Anne Niepold
–Andy Cutting