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Brussels plans to extend the Good Move traffic plan to Haren district

22:30 14/11/2023

Just over a year after after launching the Good Move traffic plan in the city centre, Brussels is preparing to roll out a second phase in the municipality of Haren, reports Belga.

Designed to create “peaceful neighborhoods”, the city’s plans includes five traffic measures and a similar number of support measures. They are aimed at improving safety around schools and reducing the presence of heavy goods vehicles, it said in a press release.

Situated northeast of the city, Haren was merged into Brussels-Capital Region in 1921. Residents have identified numerous road safety problems. Over the past few months, they have met regularly with mobility services and city authorities to discuss the following problem areas: narrow streets, parking of heavy goods vehicles, excessive speed and lack of road safety.

The new traffic plan would introduce a one-way entry from Rue de la Paroisse, exiting from Rue Harenheyde. The areas surrounding the school on Verdun and Servandoni streets would also be made safer.

Additional measures proposed include the installation of a cycle path, chicane parking on Rue Harenheyde, banning heavy goods vehicles in Haren, the development of a bus terminus and limiting the size of parking spaces.

The implementation of the Haren traffic plan will be decided after a consultation phase and a public meeting on 27 November. It will take into account comments from residents and local stakeholders.

Since its launch in 2022, the Good Move traffic plan has encountered some controversy. Various protests have taken place against changes to traffic patterns and public spaces considered inconvenient for motorists.

Photo: ©City of Brussels

Written by The Bulletin



I am amazed how these politicians have been able to do all this to Brussels just on their own accord, with no one trying or able to stop them. They seem determined to impose their own hardcore agenda without ever bothering to consult actual traffic engineers, let alone the local populations whose lives are immediately affected by their decisions. Do they think that shortening the time a light is green in order to cause traffic backups is helping to create clean air in Brussels? Do they really think that standstill traffic pollutes less?

Nov 15, 2023 12:22