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Nutrition Counsellor specialising in Weight Loss and Diabetes

Are you carrying extra weight that would be really nice to get rid off, but you do not want to go on a (yet another) diet?

Has your doctor told you that you have pre-diabetes or diabetes and you want to reverse/manage that but you are not sure how best to go about it?

If so, I may have a solution for you.

It is not a magic pill. That does not exist.

My approach, rooted in a deep knowledge of blood sugar regulation, can help you return to health and shed the extra kgs without feeling deprived or restricted. 

To find out more about what I do, take a look at my website:

If it speaks to you and you would like to take the next step to better health, you can book an appointment here:

Consultations available in person (in Rixensart) or online. I speak English, French, Greek and Russian.

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