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Old Etat de lieux, modifications and income cadastrale


Good morning dear community,
I recently won an auction through, and after reviewing the apartment and all the documents, I have a few 'on point' questions. I would highly appreciate your input if you have knowledge about them. preferably hare a link where I can read more?
here they are:
1. Current contract is from 2007. In the note of sale, it was saying the ap is sold 'as it is'. I did receive from the notary a 17 page Etat de lieu. Is it still valid? Can I still call in an expert and assess the place after the renter moves out? I believe I am entitled to some compensation, as the ap is not in best shape.
2. The underground garage has the possibility to be closed with a gate, as the place is between 2 walls. Do I need special permission from the syndic, in order to install the gate? How about a power outlet?
3. If I want to remove some non-structural walls, that form a hallway, do I need permission from the Cadaster, or Commune? Do I need to inform someone, or get an expert to evaluate?

Any ideas on these topics are valuable to me. Thanks in advance


1. If you bought the property 'as it is', that is what you have got and, if you didn't take into account that you might have to do some work and adjust your bid to cover the costs, that is your fault.
2. Ask the sydic!
3. No way do you remove internal walls without having an expert assure you IN WRITING that it is safe to do so.

Dec 6, 2022 09:51